"bout to ding dong ditch sam pepper"

good to see that this guy is trying to catch the progressive positive attention wave by making fun of sam pepper, just like how he talked shit about nash grier when it was a hot topic

except oops, looks like someone doesn’t actually give a shit and just tries to play his audience like a fiddle

isn’t that awkward, looks like he just rang the doorbell of his own house by mistake

those tweets were from over a year ago and he already apologized for them and said he was kidding and some were subtweets when he was angry. if you actually look at most of the stuff he tweets he helps people to just be happy. it’s funny how Lohanthony gets involved in every single bit of drama when all he wants is attention as well.

(via lohanthony)

people in my classes may see me as quiet but I go home and rant about them and scream about how cute some of them are everyday